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Wireless Networking


All the corporate today have the primordial necessity of wireless solutions, and Proactive All the corporate today have the primordial necessity of wireless solutions, and Media77 offers the ultimate wireless technology that enables everyone to get connected ‘Anywhere and Anytime!’ WLANs that started as casual hotspots, evolved into centrally controlled enterprise access networks, and are now evolving into a business-critical platform for interactive multimedia traffic. Several market transitions are behind this latest development. This is the main reason why corporate nowadays are switching to Wireless Networking solution too. These not only attribute towards the convenience factor; rather they help in giving a boost to the productivity of the employees, thereby giving them a competitive edge over their competitors.

Wireless Solutions to facilitate:

  • Anywhere LAN access in office or residential premises
  • Last mile internet, intranet access in private and public premises
  • Temporary LANs setup
  • Extension of Wired LAN
  • Facilitate mobile handheld terminals (PDA) to get connected to LAN

Solutions for dedicated connectivity solution as an alternative / supplementary solution to Leased Line solution from Telecom Service Providers, for a range of about 40-60 Km for the applications like:

  • LAN Inter connect between two or more sites physically separated by kilometers for Data voice and Video Connectivity
  • Connecting multiple LAN sites to a central site
  • Connecting multiple remote PCs to Central Site LAN
  • Extension of Internet access
  • Connecting LANs / PCs/ Terminals from ‘difficult to wire’ sites
  • Temporary Connectivity for any of the applications mentioned before
  • Interconnecting E1 devices


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